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November 10, 2013



About the time you have all the stars accounted for someone with a telescope finds another 27 billion of them.  And so it is with barns.  Just when I think I've seen all the barns in the area I'll come across a new one (its not like they just put these up yesterday).


Taking a picture of a barn is a lot more complex than you might think.  Most are in rural areas just off a country road.  Often you deal with limited places to pull over and park (and in some cases you're not permitted to do that).


You have to be careful about what is public and what is private property.  Finding the owner to ask permission isn't always easy (don't venture onto private property without permission).  Not everybody is as excited as I to have a picture of their barn taken.  A lot of the homes connected to these barns are often at the end of a long gravel driveway.  I'm not opposed to driving or walking to the house to introduce myself (barn owners are friendly folk and usually excited about your interest in their barn). I just don't like having to outrun or out drive bird shot down that same long driveway if they've been bothered, one to many times, by  those pesky barn photographers.


Once you have the picture you are compelled to learn the history.


This has become a mission of sorts and can take a bit of research.  In some instances you can find general information on the web.  The county assessor's office is a good resource for identifying the owners name.  I have barn books with references to Kansas barns.  Many states have Barn Alliance organizations that can help with the research such as the Kansas Barn Alliance.  In this case I found that this barn is owned by the Johnson County Parks & Recreation.  I'll update the history as soon as I have more information.



There are lots of reasons why a barn is picture worthy or at least turn heads while driving down a road.  Some are just one gust away from barn wood picture frame material (a rural Jinga puzzle waiting for someone to pull just one more board out).  Some are surrounded by the colors of the season.  And some, like this barn, are just breathtaking.  I loved the green theme in this picture.




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