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Sunday October 27, 2013

For me a treasure trove of the recherch√© resides in the shops of Silver Dollar City.  Pictured here is a window display in the Apple Butter Shop.  On a cool day it is a place to get a cup of hot cider and an apple turnover.


The sign "Whatever you want to do, do it.  There are only so many tomorrows" caught my attention.  I later returned to snap a picture of the saying and ended up using it for this weeks picture (I liked the color and content of the image).


I'm not sure what the hold of this place is on me.  My very first trip to SDC at the tender age of 14 didn't really catch my attention, leaving me only with memories of the cave, petting a goat and riding a stagecoach.  Eleven years later I found myself back in the Ozarks having found a home (even if only for days at a time).  We've made a trip at least once a year thereafter.


There is a sense of comfort in the simplicity of life in the hills.  It is for me a place to refresh, to rest and develop thoughts and ideas not to mention hear some great music.






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