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On occasion, I have been asked how I edit my photo's (ok, maybe one or two people asked -- a long time ago).  Below is a list of the software applications that I use and other (hopefully helpful) information.




TOPAZ LABS (http://www.topazlabs.com/)

  • All of the Topaz labs filters can be downloaded for a 30-day trial.
  • My favorite Topaz filter is ‘Impression’.  Within this filter there are a number of related filters.  If you signup with Topaz Labs they sometimes send out an e-mail offering a discount on their software.  If you are using Photoshop Elements there may be some additional steps to use the Topaz software.



Before you commit to buying or subscribing to software take advantage of the following.

  • Look at the free software to see if it will do what you want.
  • 30-day trial offers.
  • Check that your computer hardware will support the minimum requirements of the software of choice.
  • Confirm compatibility of the software you purchase.  As an example Topaz Labs only supports Photoshop Elements 12-14 at the time this was written (06/06/2016).



  • If you are new to Photo Editing you might consider starting with Gimp, the Google Nik Collection or Photoshop Elements ($99 or the current price) or another entry-level application.  Once you have developed your skills you can look at more advanced software (if needed).



  • Take advantage of available training particularly if you are new to software editing.
  • There are courses at Community Colleges such as Johnson County Community College (credit courses as well as continuing education classes).
  • Search YouTube and other sources on the Internet.


The above is general information on photo editing software.  This information can quickly become out-of-date so confirm with the respective vendors before making any financial commitments.


There are numerous combinations of hardware/software and compatibility issues and other factors that can impact how the above works for you. Learning how to edit your photo’s is part of the joy of the journey.  Don’t get frustrated if something doesn’t work.  Just keep working at it until you have developed the look that you are after.




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